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“This remains the story of Patrick Jane and Teresa Lisbon”


French interview of Chris Long, x

Optimistic interview about the future of The Mentalist and the possibility of a season 7. Chris Long says that “Warner has the rights of TM and has no interest in ending the show”, because it is very profitable for them. He declares too that "We just finished filming, and the ultimate episode could serve as end. But it can also be a perfect starting point for season 7." 

"We hope to remain on CBS next year. But if CBS does not want us anymore, we might go somewhere else. Our N°1 choice is CBS but we are open to the possibility of moving to another channel"

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1x15 // 6x17

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In the finale episode ,’Blue Bird Inn’ might just stir up Jane’s romantic emotions which are currently in slumber and he may realise his love for Lisbon and propose her before Pike does so, entertainment website suspects.

Oh, I hope so

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Simon Baker and fabulous hair encounter


Scene 1:

First I saw him taking the Longines photoshoot at the balcony, they were putting him make up, then pose pose pose & snaps. Just a very short video before the guard stopped me.

He finished & walked outta balcony into the Longines private ballroom. I managed to call him for a sec “Simoon” and he said “HHHiiiii” with a very friendly smile before he went into the ballroom and I wasn’t allowed to enter so I waited outside.

Scene 2:

Simon walked along the corridor towards the lift with a bunch of people. I followed. Short video:

When they were waiting for the lift I knew I had to grab my chance so I approached him and

G: hey Simooon how are ya

S: heeeey

G: I came all the way just to see youuu.

S: ok lets go lets do it! *grabs and hug me* *prompts me to take out my phone*

G: *hold back tight

G & S: *posing while his guard took our photos and turned out the first attempt was a video.  – I am literally melting, dying in his arms for about 30secs here. He’s so tender and slim and suave, I am at lost for words.   -OHMYGADD 

G to the guard: you can take a few shots

S: I think he already did, look at that

Lift opened up.

G & S: thank you & see ya


He rushed in with a bunch of people, I went in. He walked out, I walked out. But I walked way because I was too embarrassed to enter the member-only Longines lawn. This lawn:

There was one time I waved at him and he waved back and I got this:

Only when he’s done and walked to watch the race, I followed behind again. Here:

Scene 3:

Ok here’s my magical encounter. My phone was dead UNFORTUNATELY or I was going to record my convo. I was watching him passionately while he watches the final race, (he had a bet so he’s overly excited and I was behind him: -sorry for the dslr paparazzi fiesta, Simon.

Once the race finished he saw me and said

“heeey again” with a huge smile and again *grabs tight and hug.

G: hey btw Jimmy just says hi to you. (well because I just received a tweet from jimmy few seconds ago who asked me to say hi to him and sorry Jim but you made my phone completely dead afterwards :p)

S: Jimmy GADD?

G: Yes

S: aww tell him I say hi too.

G: will do. Btw Simon could you tell Robin I said hi, pleeease? I’m her huge fan.

S: oh yeah sure, I talk to her most days.

G: reallyyy?

S: yeah yeah

G: ok pls tell her Grace says hi, I’m the one who made things for her dog.

S: oouwww yeah of course ill do that

G: how long will you be here for this time?

S: I leave tomorrow

G: thats faast

S: yeahh well you hv a great time.

G: thanks you too and sorry for following around

S: nahhhh nahhh its ok its ok. #JaneStyleMeh

G & S: byeee

and I’m gone.

The end.



Simon and I, 19th April 2014 @ Royal Randwick.

~=Shine Bright Like A Simon=~


Simon Baker at Longines Queen Elizabeth Stakes (x)


URGHHH, I am on tumblr mobile so I can’t do a proper video embed thing - just posting this so that somebody else will see it and do a better job than me!

(Also, really TVLine? ‘Breaking up?’ What the hell are you trying to pull? Everybody knows about the D.C. thing by now. My elderly neighbour who fractured her hip last week has heard about it. Get your head in the game, ffs)


Simon Baker at Longines Queen Elizabeth Stakes, Sydney Australia




What if the last frame of the show is Jane and Lisbon walking hand-in-hand down the sandy beach until the sun distorts them from view and then the screen fades to black…

That would be a beautiful ending. And if a little banter would be going on between them while walking, it would be such a classic jisbon scene.

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